Volume 1

Issue 1

Volume Paper Year Show Paper
1 Supporting the National Innovation System: The Role of Participatory Mapping Activity with OpenStreetMap OSM. 2021 Show
1 Wireless Power Transfer. 2021 Show
1 Smart Software Design for Tracking Solar Shade System. 2021 Show
1 Shading Effect on A PV Solar Energy System Performance Using MATLAB/SIMULINK. 2021 Show
1 Invention and Development New Equation for Calculate the Intensity of Solar Radiation and Compared with the Measured Value by the Pyranometer. 2021 Show
1 An Experimental Investigation of Various Impacts on the Performance of A Small-Scale Upwind HAWT. 2021 Show
1 A New Methodology of Preventive Maintenance for Sustainable Building. 2021 Show
1 Research and Development Aspects of PV/T Collector Performance: An Overview. 2021 Show
1 Theoretical and Experimental Investigation of Solar Updraft Tower Power Plant: A Case Study in El-Beida City. 2021 Show
1 Vehicle to Vehicle Communication in Smart Cities. 2021 Show

Issue 2

Volume Paper Year Show Paper
1 Influence of Concave Guide Vane at Different Tilt Angles on Savonius Wind Turbine Performance. 2021 Show
1 Assuage of Voltage Swell and Sag problems with UPQC Based on AMC Converter. 2021 Show
1 A Fuzzy TOPSIS Algorithm Applied for Libyan Universities. 2021 Show
1 Using Logistic Regression to Build a Model for Predicting Classification of Cardiac Catheterization 2021 Show