Volume 2

Issue 1

Volume Paper Year Show Paper
2 Geological investigation of the Upper Part of Memouniat Formation in Well I1-NC2, Ghadames Basin. 2022 Show
2 Geochemistry Evaluation of Limestone for Cement Production: A Case Study of the Area Between Wadi Al Kuf and Wadi Al Mgahi, Al Jabal Al Akhdar, NE Libya. 2022 Show
2 Geochemistry Evaluation of the Sandstones Sahabi Formation, NE Sirt Basin, Libya. 2022 Show
2 Petroleum Geochemistry of Harshah Formation from Bahr Essalam Field, Sabratah Basin, NW Libya. 2022 Show
2 Environmental Geochemistry of the Beach Sands Along the Coast between Al Kuwifia and Tolmeita, NE Libya. 2022 Show
2 Design and Application of Intelligent Completion Device (ICD) in Horizontal Wells, Bouri Oil Field, Libya. 2022 Show
2 Study Application of Reservoir Simulation of Umm al-Furud field by Using BOAST98 & EDBOAST Software. 2022 Show
2 Quantitative Impact of Porosity and Diagenesis on Reservoir Quality of the Upper Cretaceous, Lidam Formation in Gialo Oil Field, Sirte Basin, NE Libya. 2022 Show