Libyan Journal of Engineering Science and Technology

ISSN: 2789-2239

Volume 1

Issue 1 (2021)

Supporting the National Innovation System: The Role of Participatory Mapping Activity with OpenStreetMap OSM

Wireless Power Transfer

Smart Software Design for Tracking Solar Shade System

Shading Effect on A PV Solar Energy System Performance Using MATLAB/SIMULINK

Invention and Development New Equation for Calculate the Intensity of Solar Radiation and Compared with the Measured Value by the Pyranometer

An Experimental Investigation of Various Impacts on the Performance of A Small-Scale Upwind HAWT

A New Methodology of Preventive Maintenance for Sustainable Building

Research and Development Aspects of PV/T Collector Performance: An Overview

Theoretical and Experimental Investigation of Solar Updraft Tower Power Plant: A Case Study in El-Beida City

Vehicle to Vehicle Communication in Smart Cities

Issue 2 (2021)

Influence of Concave Guide Vane at Different Tilt Angles on Savonius Wind Turbine Performance

Assuage of Voltage Swell and Sag problems with UPQC Based on AMC Converter

A Fuzzy TOPSIS Algorithm Applied for Libyan Universities

Using Logistic Regression to Build a Model for Predicting Classification of Cardiac Catheterization

is a scientific refereed Engineering Science and Technology issued biannually by Bright Star University, El-Brega, Libya.


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