Libyan Journal of Engineering Science and Technology

ISSN: 2789-2239

Volume 2

Issue 1 (2022)

Geological investigation of the Upper Part of Memouniat Formation in Well I1-NC2, Ghadames Basin.

Geochemistry Evaluation of Limestone for Cement Production: A Case Study of the Area Between Wadi Al Kuf and Wadi Al Mgahi, Al Jabal Al Akhdar, NE Libya

Geochemistry Evaluation of the Sandstones Sahabi Formation, NE Sirt Basin, Libya

Petroleum Geochemistry of Harshah Formation from Bahr Essalam Field, Sabratah Basin, NW Libya

Environmental Geochemistry of the Beach Sands Along the Coast between Al Kuwifia and Tolmeita, NE Libya

Design and Application of Intelligent Completion Device (ICD) in Horizontal Wells, Bouri Oil Field, Libya

Study Application of Reservoir Simulation of Umm al-Furud field by Using BOAST98 & EDBOAST Software

Quantitative Impact of Porosity and Diagenesis on Reservoir Quality of the Upper Cretaceous, Lidam Formation in Gialo Oil Field, Sirte Basin, NE Libya

Issue 2 (2022)

Assessment of Compliance with Good Hygiene and Manufacturing Practice: Case of the Artisanal Chocolate Factory

Three Central Clustering of Image Data Diffraction Moiré Fringes Processing.

Investigation of Formation Grain Size Effect on Resistivity Factor

Solar Water Heating System in Libyan Buildings

Estimation of Water Influx and Oil Reservoir Performance Prediction in the Volve Oil Field

A Comparison Study Between Micro Bauxite Powder and Nano Bauxite Powder for Rutting and Physical Properties

Design of A Prototype of A Webmapping Application for the Management of the Drinking Water Supply Distribution Network in the City of Yaoundé (Center Cameroon)

Assessment of Man-Made River Water and Environmental Impact of Shallow Wells in Ajdabia

Lithological, Micropaleontological and Geochemical Analysis of Al Faidyah Formation at Al Kharoaba Quarry, NE Libay.

Mechanical, Morphological and Water Thermal, Absorption properties of Epoxidized Palm Oil based Epoxy Resin

Comparison Between the Effect Guide Vane Design and Adjusting Tilt Angle on Savonius Wind Turbine Performance

Depth Wall and the Stability of Anchored Retaining Walls

Wind Turbine Connected to Tobruk Steam Power Station

Organic Geochemical Evaluation of the Middle Devonian to Late Carboniferous Source Rocks, South East Murzuq Basin, SW Libya

Integration of Petrophysical and Sedimentological analysis of Aouinet Ouenine Formation, in South Wafa Field (NC169a), Ghadames Basin, Libya.

Petroleum Potential of Middle Devonian Aouinet Ouenine F3 Sandstone Member in Wafa Field NC169a, Ghadames Basin, Libya

Petroleum Potential of Middle Devonian Aouinet Ouenine F3 Sandstone Member in Wafa Field NC169a, Ghadames Basin, Libya

Petrophysical properties of the Mamuniyat Reservoir Sandstone in I-Oil Field -NC186 , Murzuq Basin-Libya

Petrophysical Properties of Hawaz Formation- Middle Ordovician, In O-Oil Field, Block-NC115, Murzuq Basin, SW Libya

Recognition of Composite Disbonding Using Thermal Camera

Experimental and Numerical Study of the Motion of the Carrier (NACA4412) through the Air Tunnel

is a scientific refereed Engineering Science and Technology issued biannually by Bright Star University, El-Brega, Libya.


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